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Carmen Romero

Carmen Romero
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OUTFITS CASUALES PARA MUJERES DE MAS DE 50 AÑOS Hola Chicas!! Les tengo una galería de fotografías con ropa casual, me encanta en especial para mostrarles a las mujeres que no importa que tengan 50 años o mas puedes vestir a la moda escogiendo los estilos mas adecuados para su edad, como los pantalones siempre deben ir a la cintura, blusas largas y accesorios de moda.

Are you afraid to add color to your wardrobe? Do you know what colors convey about you? Check out the post to see what color would work best for you.


Color can be your friend. I want to show you how to wear a colorful top, without looking like a clown. Bring a little color and enjoyment to your wardrobe.

50 IS NOT OLD | CHASING AWAY THE WINTER BLUES | Blue & Gray | Autism Awareness | Printed Blouse | Fashion Over 40 For The Everyday Woman

It started out with my fingernails. You gurls know that I hate having to take the time out of my day to go and get my nails done. I will put it offRead