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What are we made of? The unit of life

Last week I was chatting about the basic constituents of the body – quite literally what we’re made of, the elements and the working up of all the systems that join together. This week is a l…

Cellular Respiration - Graphic Organizer - Storyboarding

Biology Inclusion Class Set Includes 3 Student Texts, 1 Student Workbook, Teachers Edition, and Teachers Resource Library (Ags Biology) I use storyboarding to teach the processes of protein synthesis, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration. I introduce my students to the concept of storyboarding by showing them this American Film Institute video, which can be found on these two web sites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWPjjoOFIu8 or…

10th Grade BIology Notes - Charts 2014-2015

Thank you so much for stopping by! These charts are the intellectual property of Mrs. Paul and/or the PSD Science Department, that have been created from 2013 to present by using the Washington State Science Standards. Please feel free to use these, as long as you cite the author. Please do not sell. Field Study Frame Nitrogen Cycle Ecosystems (Food Chain/Web) Population Ecology Evidence of Evolution Natural Selection Mendelian Genetics (Punnett Squares) Genetic Variability Protein Synthesis…

How to Implement Close Reading in Science {Free Resource} - Teaching with Jennifer Findley

Close reading in science class? This post shares strategies and a free resource for implementing close reading in science instruction.

Classroom Posters

I have lots of posters in my room. I think Biology is very visual, but maybe I am just very visual. Plus I figure if a student stares at something long enough maybe it will stick. I rarely find any posters to buy that seem to show what my kids need, so I make my own. We reference these posters a lot. If I ask questions and they don't know the answers we start looking around the room, or if they have a question and the answer is on the wall, I just start looking around. Because of this I try…

Easy Method for Making a Photosynthesis Concept Map with Example

If you need to create a photosynthesis concept map, you will find steps on how to create one here. Also find an example of a completed concept map. This is a great technique to use with your class.