EL MIEDO es la emoción más difícil de manejar. El dolor lo lloras, la rabia la gritas, pero el miedo te atrapa silenciosamente en tu corazón.

wow that's deep."fear is the most difficult emotion to deal with. With pain we cry, with anger, we yell, but fear quietly attacks your heart"

Cosas de la vida

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La vida es un camino a largo plazo, en la que tu eres maestro y alumno; unas veces te toca enseñar, todos los días te toca aprender.

Life is a long-term way in which you are teacher and student ; sometimes you get to teach every day you get to learn

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"Perhaps very late our dreams joined at the top or at the bottom, up above like branches moved by a common wind, down below like red roots that touch.