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Editorial, graphic design and infographic inspiration for daily school basis
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Graffiti but contemporary

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Menace2 (@menace.two) wielding purple blades. #menace2 #handstyle #graffiti

Graffiti Classic

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Lettrine R

Illuminated letters

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Advanced hand lettering tutorial: quotes and sentences - 99designs

Lettering y rotulo

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A zine exploring my obsession with houses and the concept of home. With words by Jack Kerouac taken from his book "On the Road". This zine was part of the exhibition Cozy Up Collective Show Four in Cleveland, Ohio.

Zine design

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Example of Shape in Graphic Design | Proximity . Elements that are closer to each other are more likely to ...

Graphic design basics

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NIXTA :: Behance
NIXTA :: Behance
NIXTA :: Behance

Graphic design branding presentation

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Streetart Guanatos on Instagram: "Brillas✨
#streetartguanatos #streetart_guanatos #pasteup #pasteupart #pasteupmx #streetartgdl #streetartmx #arteurbano #arteurbanogdl #arteurbanomx"
#RótulosChidos on Instagram: "Las pollerías suelen ser uno de los mejores lugares para encontrar rótulos, quizá solo están por debajo de los puestos de tortas. Además, los polleros siempre son buen pedo y hasta pilón de mollejas para el perro llegan a dar 🐔 #MedioDePatitas #PechugaSinHueso #PiernaConMuslo #RótulosChidos
(📷 @sir_ag)"
#RótulosChidos on Instagram: "Pizzería Unicornio 🦄 para cuando tienes ganas de bajar avión después de un viaje bien astral que hasta ves seres mágicos ✨ #Monchis #BajandoAvión #RótulosChidos
(📷 @arlettego)"

Instagram Accounts activism compilation

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Filmmaking cinematography

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To Start, To Share, On The Side, Salads or Something Sweet A collection of loose recipe cards designed for collecting and keeping in a binder folder. These cards are made in collaboration with friends who cook for a living or for love. These cards will help you to fill your bowls and bellies, no matter how many places are set at your table—serving suggestions, if you will. (Recipe N°01)Ella Mittas Braised Navy Beans with Anchovies and Breadcrumbs (Recipe N°02)Ella Mittas Broadbean Puree with Zuc
#portfolio #lookbook #brochure #template #indesign

Recipe book design

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Popular Mexican type!
#design #graphicdesign #designer #graphicdesigner #2ddesign

Rotulos y diseño vernáculo

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Color – Double Exposure


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Book Cover design

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Mois de l'économie sociale on Behance
Tombik Studio / Self Branding on Behance
South Africa Office of Tourism // Brand Guidelines on Behance

Manual graphic design branding

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avernavios estudos lb 012 72dpi poster by lucas blat
"Play With Your Egos" — pattern illustration (backside design) for the special edition of Playing Arts. Additional graphic posters, letter design and color variations.

Vectorial geometry

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Facebook 5 Bird
100grados "Rafael illustration Mayani

Character vector references

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Lettering in Adobe Illustrator - Use the width tool in Adobe Illustrator. Rather than stretch the line with the width tool I double click on it and type in a point size and do so at strategic points on the line. I find this gives me more control and the letters follow a proportional range rather than appear arbitrary in thickness.
Grafomotricity pen adobe illustrator

VECTOR - Grafomotricidad

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By Lotta Neinimen
Illustrator Tutorial - Waterfall Landscape Flat Design (Illustrator Flat Design Tutorial)
Travel Illustration spots by Fabrizio Morra

Vector Landscaping

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12 Free Vector Screen Textures (25 MB) |
10 Free Subtle Grunge Texture Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe illustrator textures

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Философия в себе: как европоцентризм мешает развитию современной западной мысли More
Anne Ulku.

Memphis style

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Martini : une jolie campagne et un coffret | DistilZine


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Vintage Italian Posters ~ #Italian #vintage #posters ~An Original 1960's Italian Advertising Postcard Great vintage Illustration
Eysseric by Bellinger 1948 France - Beautiful Vintage Poster Reproductions. This vertical french culinary / food poster features a man made of candy eating (licking) a piece of candy on blue background. Giclee Advertising Print. Classic Posters


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Visualise Ideas


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Oliver Kažimír Architectural Portfolio 2016 -


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Study this..learn this..know this like the back of your hand! @emilycdespain @juliabatson19
Editorial Illustrations  by Romualdo Faura, via Behance

Map illustration

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