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Self Serve Healthy Snacks for Kids
Over a month's worth of after school snack ideas from
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Twix Cookies
These Twix cookies have brown butter, and cinnamon in them for a rich flavor! They have chocolate chips, Twix pieces, and soft caramels, making them irresistible.
Copycat Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookies with Flaky Sea Salt Tates Cookies, S Cookies, Buy Cookies, Baking Business, Bake Shop, Cookie Scoop, Vegetarian Chocolate, Baking Sheet, Chip Cookies
Copycat Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookies
I’ve heard great things about Tate’s Bake Shop cookies but I’m not really one to get store-bought cookies. But as I was checking out at the grocery store the other day, there was a bin of mini Tate’s cookies for $1 so I grabbed them. I took them home to share with my fiancée and we were both really surprised at how good they were. Then all I wanted to do was make them at home. It took several tries before I got the perfect thin cookies with crispy, buttery edges and a chewy center.
two pictures of cookies with chocolate chips on top and in the middle, one has a bite taken out of it
Jacque Torres NYC Chocolate Chip Cookies 🍪🗽
From the famous pastry chef himself, Jacque Torres’s NYC Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is a flavourful and chocolate packed chocolate cookie recipe. Although you have to put in a bit more effort than your regular Chocolate Chip Cookie, these NYC-style Cookies are soo worth the extra labour.
Homemade Animal Crackers
🌈✨ Unleash your inner baker and embark on a whimsical journey with these Homemade Animal Crackers! 🐾🍪 Easy to make and crafted from simple ingredients, this delightful recipe will transport you to a world of sweet joy. 🌟✨ Picture this: rolling out the dough, choosing from mini safari animal cookie cutters or getting creative with Hello Kitty, farm animals, and more! 🦓🐱🐷 #bakinglove #amazonkitchen #BakingAdventures #AnimalCrackers #EasyAndDelicious #WhimsicalTreats