Fun cupcake idea.  I don't got the site right caution is yours.

These Minions are so cute. I haven't had a Twinkie since childhood and would never eat one again, but maybe there is a healthier recipe out there for something similar from scratch. Still think this is a fun idea.

Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas

Halloween Recipe For Ghost Cupcakes - Create these adorable ghosts with white fondant. Look for fondant at crafts stores or specialty cake shops if it’s not in your local grocery store.

White cake with purple n white frosting. Then the hearts in purple n white for wedding

"From the Heart" Cupcakes by Betty Crocker. Easy-to-make chocolate hearts create "love-ly" cupcakes.

Love this! Ideas flowing!!

Would be great for bridal shower - Heels Cupcakes ~ This is so easy! For all the Bakers--Beginners or Experts! The heels are made with Pirouette cookies, soles with Milano cookies and then your own homemade cupcakes.