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Ronald McDonald / Artist Greg Guillemin explores "What Your Favorite Childhood Characters Do When You Aren’t Looking" .

Debido a una enfermedad ocular, algún día tendré que cambiar o cesar de pintar, pero me motiva a ser más productivo ahora. Ahora aprecio como nunca cada pincelada.

Lonely Robots Experiencing The Quiet Wonder Of The WorldMy name is Matt Dixon. For over ten years I’ve been making pictures of robots.

Homero Simpson. Arte por PEZ.

Check out this great piece of Homer Simpson tribute art created French artist PEZ.

alex solis icons (32)

Personagens da cultura pop são 'desmascarados' em ilustrações

Star Wars - I am your father

The cord cutting movement - Disrupt an entire industry

black and white cartoon  http://www.behance.net/gallery/15217619/Characters-Collection-20112014

This selection contains a big part of commissioned designs for streetwear brands as well as different clients like festivals, websites, photographers including some personal projects too.

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