I Just laughed so hard i cried. This is why I either do, or do not want kids... and I haven't figured that part out yet lol

That's rude cause everyone has been a kid. Kids aren't monsters, they just go through their phases. It bothers me how people think kids are "annoying" in reality they are just little bundles of joy who need love. kids are just kids!

omg I'm dying!

Farewell letter from

so funny.

Animal Quotes Photograph: Funny Dogs And Cats By Nuts And Funny Picture Of The Dogs In Grey Capture, funny dog pictures with quotes

Nailed it......

The Stingray Pic, Again

One of the funniest sting ray photobomb pics ive seen. recreating the stingray photobomb

Láminas Positivas de QuiéreteMucho: Estoy tan feliz que cuando estornudo me sale confeti... ----} @quieretemucho_

¡¡¡Estoy tan feliz que si estornudo me sale confeti! // I am so happy that if I sneeze, I exhale confetti!

WTF Beach Moments

Heels on a Beach? I Can't Even Walk Barefoot!: What the heck? How is this girl wearing heels on a beach?

Tres cosas que transforman las personas.

3 things that changes people: Money, jealousy, and photoshop.

[ver] Veo fantasmas

Inspiring image dead, funny, ghost, pacman, sketch - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Adan y Eva

Funny Pictures, Jokes and Gifs / Animations: This is My Dirty Laundry Not Salad Funny Picture J.