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5 Simple Steps to Improving Your Money Mindset
5 Simple Steps to Improving Your Money Mindset
a pink background with the words, 7 ways to invest in your personal success for the woman
#71: 7 Ways to Invest in Your Personal Success - City Girl Savings
When the mind settles for what is, nothing more comes. You have to continue learning to continue growing. You have to invest in things that will take your life to the next level. You should invest in things that will take your career, finances, relationships, health, mind, body, and soul to the next level. In this episode, I’m sharing 7 ideas you can leverage to invest in your personal growth and success. #budgeting #financialfreedom
a pink rubber stamp with the words, should you save money when you have debt?
Paying Debt versus Saving
When it comes to dealing with debt, most times it's best to have a savings first! Click to read more about saving and paying off debt!
a woman sitting on a couch with the text getting clear on sinking funds
#78: Setting the Record Straight on Sinking Funds - City Girl Savings
Sinking funds can be a great way to save for goals, save for expenses that tend to pop up on you unexpectedly, or save for things (big or small) that you want to have money for in the future. In this CGS Podcast episode, I’m helping you get clear on leveraging sinking funds, which sinking funds you should have and how to budget for them.
a desk with a laptop, pen and notebook on it that says, we're building secrets women need to know
#67: 5 Wealth Building Secrets Women Need to Know - City Girl Savings
#buildingwealth can be for everyone, especially when you know what to do! Start #investing today and implement these #wealthbuilding secrets to start #makingmoney!
a piggy bank sitting on top of a pile of coins next to a calculator
5 Reasons Why Investing in Your Financial Growth is Critical - City Girl Savings
While you can grow in many areas of life, my focus is your #financialgrowth. There is always room for improvement. Check out the #citygirlsavings blog for 5 reasons why investing in your financial growth is critical. #moneymoves #financialfreedom
a stack of books with the title 6 ways to improve your financial education number three is my favorite
6 Ways to Improve Your Financial Education - City Girl Savings
One area of education that should always be improving is #financialeducation. Because there are always new goals to hit, there are always new strategies and insights to learn. In the spirit of #financialliteracymonth, let’s put some focus on improving our financial education! Check out the #citygirlsavings blog for 6 ways to improve your financial education.
stacks of money with the words five steps to build up one month of reserveds
5 Steps to Build Up One Month of Reserves - City Girl Savings
An emergency fund is a game changer for your budget planner! As you see your reserve savings account growing each month, you will want to keep building it up. Larger account balances serve as great motivation to stay focused!
a woman sitting on the floor reading a book and holding a coffee cup with her legs crossed
5 Books that Changed How I Handle Money - City Girl Savings
Check out the 5 books that changed how I handle my money and finances! Budgeting tips, saving money tips, money goals, financial freedom, investing!
a woman sitting in front of a computer and writing on a notebook with the words, things to do instead of spending money
Things to Do Instead of Spending Money
Do you struggle with overspending? Check out the City Girl Savings blog for 25 things to do instead of spending money! Great for women who are budgeting and learning to manage money!
a woman sitting at a desk writing on paper with the words 5 signs you're ready for a promotion
5 Signs You’re Ready for a Promotion - City Girl Savings
You are a super star employee and you’re ready to grow in your career. You may be doing all of the right things to get a promotion, but maybe you didn’t put two and two together to realize you are ready for a promotion. To help, check out the #citygirlsavings blog for 5 signs you’re ready for a promotion, so you can start pursuing one! #careergrowth #corporateladder #careerjourney #careertips
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a pink piggy bank
7 Financial Filing Routines to Implement ASAP - City Girl Savings
When it comes to financial organization, the more financial filing routines you have in place, the more in control you’ll feel about your financial situation. While a lot of financial filing routines aren’t 100% necessary, each routine you do implement will save you time, stress and hopefully a little money! Check out the #citygirlsavings blog for 7 financial filing routines to implement ASAP! #financialfiling #financialroutines
a calculator, pen and notebook with the words how financially successful people think about money
How Financially Successful People Think About Money - City Girl Savings
There’s something so inspiring about financially successful people. These people built something from the ground up and turned it into wealth and success for themselves. So, how do they think about money now that they have it? Check out the #citygirlsavings blog to see how financially successful people view money and what thought process they have around building and maintaining their wealth. #moneymindset #moneymotivation #wealthbuilding
the words how to move past financiallyly average on top of a desk with books and pen
How to Move Past Financially Average - City Girl Savings
Being financially average is not necessarily a good thing. It means you are just like most people, and while that doesn’t sound so bad, what if most people are in terrible financial shape? If you want to move past financially average, check out the #citygirlsavings blog!
a woman's hand holding a purse with money in it and the words 7 ways to invest in your personal success
#71: 7 Ways to Invest in Your Personal Success - City Girl Savings
Want to make more money? Want to level up your money? I’m sharing 7 ideas you can leverage to invest in your personal growth and success. Grow in your career. Reach financial freedom. Have that dream relationship! New Podcast Episode! 🔊 Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon and Google! #citygirlsavings #cgspodcast #investinyourself