Frases para sobrevivir en el extranjero

Frases para sobrevivir en el extranjero #infografia #infographic #tourism

So you want to learn Spanish? Spanish is one of the most useful languages to learn, especially for

.cabina telefonica inglesa !

Old red telephone box ~ They used to be all across the UK. Some of these original phone boxes still exist, in parts of London, and pretty Devon villages.

Leaning Tower, Pisa, Italy

20 Most Beautiful Places in Italy

To Leaning Tower, Pisa, Italy? If Yes -click Tried, and comment if it is Worth It. Save this pin to your Destination List !

the streets of london

Cobblestone street London - Mews were the alley entrances to stables for horses/carriages behind the large houses. Converted to separate homes now.

Posible palacio

Medieval, Edinburgh, Scotland (The Best Travel Photos)

Water of Leith, Dean Village, Edinburgh, Scotland UK by Pieter Bos. The Edinburgh World Heritage bus tour

El Empire State Building, uno de los iconos de Nueva York. Situado en la 5ª Avenida, entre las Calles 33 y 34, al finalizarse su construcción en 1931, le quito el titulo de rascacielos mas alto del mundo al cercano  Edificio Chrysler, manteniéndolo hasta 1970, cuando las trágicamente desaparecidas Torres Gemelas del World Trade Center  se acabaron. La decoración interior es de estilo Art Decó…

The Empire State Building - New York City - Remained the Tallest Building in the World for Many Years after its construction - Long, Tall, Vertical Pins.

London Pictures

The London Eye, London, England: The London Eye is a work of modern architecture in a city of old charm. What a beautiful sunset in the background.

Eltz Castle, Germany | 14 of the Most Amazing Fairy Tales Castles you should See in a Lifetime

14 of the Most Amazing Fairy Tales Castles you should See in a Lifetime - Page 4 of 15 - Must Visit Destinations


England, London, Moon Rising Over River Thames (digital Composite) Canvas Print…