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a vertical garden wall with plants growing on it and the sun shining in the background
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an outdoor patio with black furniture and plants
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an outdoor garden with black metal fence and planters
an outdoor garden area with plants and fenced in areas that are made out of wood
Ivanhoe Backyard - Boodle Concepts
a wooden deck with chairs and plants in the grass next to it on a lawn
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an outdoor garden with various plants and rocks
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a wooden fence with vines growing on it and the words how to create privacy in your backyard
a wooden deck with chairs and plants in the grass next to it on a lawn
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a man kneeling down on top of a wooden deck next to a blue toolbox
North facing deck soaks up the sun, insitu concrete steppers connects the living space to the garden & lawn. Repeats of architectural mesh trellis add drama through the garden, andding privacy and a visually interesting backdrop. 

Garden design & installation by Boodle Concepts landscaping in Melbourne
Ivanhoe Backyard - Boodle Concepts