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17 gorgeous makeup storage ideas | beauty | vanity organization ideas | Reuse candle holders + cups and stick them neatly on books
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the-etranger: Love my study space at the moment !
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I think looking at perfectly displayed makeup is my favourite pastime. It just fills me with joy! I’ve spent a while perfecting my makeup collection, so I thought I’d (finally!) share the results with
The purpose of a desk is to keep you organized and neat – so why is it that desks so often become an endless pit of random crap? We end up using our desk chairs to pile dirty or clean clothes (or maybe both), the surfaces usually get cluttered with pens and notebooks and books, and the drawers are typically a giant mess filled with little things that have no other home.
Create a romantic bedroom with bright whites and pale blush and pink bedding from HomeGoods. Sponsored Pin.