Esta es la capital de México. Está en el México. Ciudad de México es conocida por su Templo Mayor y las catedrales. Los turistas siempre caminará a lo largo de la acera para explorar.

How To Spend The Perfect Day In Mexico City

Mazahua women Mexico by Teyacapan.

Mazahua Women Mexico These are the traditionally accepted costumes or dresses of the various regions of Mexico from generations past up to currently - for more of Mexico visit www.

National Muséum of Art Mexico City

Stunning Geometric Tape Floor Installations by Jim Lambie With regular vinyl tape, Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie transforms any given space into a colorful, mesmerizing landscape that often create optical illusions.


Find here the typical Chiapas dress which originates from the town of Chiapa de Corzo and describes the floral variety of the region.

Para Cadadia nicho #DOTD

Mexican Folk Art- Custom Made Tin Nicho: Shrine to "Eternal Love"

colourful baskets from Mexico

Colourful baskets for sale at the local markets at Axum, Ethiopia by Adam Lees Photography

Sacred Heart tin metal mirror

Sacred Heart tin metal mirror / Mexican folk art by TheVirginRose

Corazon de Hojalata, México

♥ Amor y Corazones ♥ by CORAZON DE HOJALATA México traditional sacred heart emblem badge brooches from mexico for feast days,holy days and of the dead

Papel Picado en las calles

COLO®FUL life is happy life! -- Papel Picados add color to the streets - By Rafael Lòpez