All the things out there I want to put into building my dream place. Does anyone remember the cartoon "The Phantom"? I fell in love with tree houses…
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a man is holding a plastic bottle in one hand and a metal object in the other
Review of the first 3D printed Violin - 3Dvarius
Review of the first 3D printed Violin - 3Dvarius
a camera sitting on top of a plastic cone with a lens attached to it's body
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the woman is riding her bike with two wheels
This bike stroller means you can really go the distance with baby in tow.
This is genius!
an info sheet describing how to use the air pump for heating and cooling up water
Try Air To Stay Dry - Yanko Design
an advertisement with the words air umbrella
Try Air To Stay Dry - Yanko Design
two hands holding cell phones on top of a wooden table next to an apple computer
How cool is this!...It's a battery bank and a Projector...DLP Wi-Fi Projector "PicoPro" - 60 Inch Projection, 1000:1 Contrast, 50 Lumens, Power Bank Option..Gadget republic...$309.99
an image of a white headphone with ear buds on it's earset - gadget-republic Resources and Information.
Your own personal movie theater...Home Theater Media Glasses Interpupillary Distance (IPD) of 58 to 66mm 84 Inch Virtual Screen Size ......Gadget Republic...$129.99
the rear view mirror is attached to an electronic device
Car Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit - GPS, Radar Detector, Dashcam, Parking Camera
two pens are sitting next to each other on a white surface with information about the pen
Wireless Pen Mouse - Plug and Play, Ergonomic Design, Ultra Portable
two young women sitting on the ground in front of a parking lot with an electronic device
Stories That Matter, Actions That Count
Move over, white roofs. There’s a new, chill player in urbanity: so-called cool pavement. Researchers in California have engineered a reflective coating that, when applied to blacktop, can lower the surface temperature of a city boulevard or a parking lot by a whopping 40 degrees Fahrenheit on a sweltering summer day.
an empty street lined with brick buildings
Stories That Matter, Actions That Count
The eco-makeover of urban surfaces continues. First came white roofs. Then so-called cool pavement. And now smog-eating concrete. Yup, sidewalks with a taste for filthy air.
an electric scooter is parked on the ground with red rims and wheels
Modern Electric Scooter Revolutionizes Urban Mobility
German-based company Scrooser hopes to revolutionize the way we travel around our cities with their now successfully funded Kickstarter project. The Scrooser is an electric scooter that is similar to a push scooter rather than a motored one. This is because it uses an amazingly engineered impulse drive that quadruples the power of your kicks to a top speed of 15mph.
a woman holding a remote control in her hand while sitting on a couch with blue walls
The Hollow (Thermoelectric) Flashlight - Google Science Fair
The Hollow (Thermoelectric) Flashlight - Google Science Fair
a white boat is docked in the water
MS Tûranor PlanetSolar: Inhabitat Reports Live from the World's Largest Solar-Powered Boat
the world's largest solar-powered boat, the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar. The massive 115-foot Swiss catamaran docked today at the North Cove Marina in downtown Manhattan as part of its PlanetSolar DeepWater expedition across the Atlantic Ocean to study the effects of climate change along the Gulf Stream.
a man riding on the back of a bike with an upside down wheel attached to it
XploreAir Paravelo: World's First Flying Bicycle Lifts Off the Ground
Paravelo. Designed by two British men who have a passion for both cycling and aviation, this extraordinary folding bicycle comes with a trailer powered by a giant fan and a fabric wing that doubles as a tent. The flying bike’s inventors don’t necessarily promote their product for the daily commute, but they do envision a future of combining flying the Paravelo and camping – “flamping.”