15 Cute Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

This genius idea just seems too simple. Create a pen caddy with toilet paper rolls and an old shoe box! Or, use them to organize those pesky cords. ( this page isn't found but I think you get the idea )

Make a desk organizer out of toilet paper and paper towel tubes! Organizador de mesa, lapiceros hechos con rollos de papel de wc DIY

Make a desk organizer using recycled paper towel/TP rolls and Mod Podge! This would look awesome on my scrapbooking table!

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Ideas para crear un mini libro que cuente su historia de amor

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Con tubos de papel higiénico Lots of cool toilet paper roll craft ideas. I always filled the empty rolls with candy and wrapped in tissue with a tie on each end and hid them with the Easter eggs in the yard. Special prizes that fit are good to put inside.

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Todo tipo de ideas para reciclar rollos de papel con creatividad