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an antique chest of drawers with brass hardware on the top and bottom drawer, in walnut wood
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Cabinet inglés estilo georgiano en caoba y palma de caoba, de finales del siglo XIX-principios del XX
a dining room with red walls and wooden furniture, including a round table surrounded by chairs
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Malcolm James Kutner: La mesa del comedor es de estilo georgiano.
a wooden chair with an armrest and foot rests on a gray surface, against a blue background
Silla de lectura inglesa en estilo georgiano temprano, c. 1740. De nogal y con el asiento tapizado en cuero, cuenta con un atril rebatible en el respaldo y éste diseñado de tal forma que el lector puede fijar el atril y sentarse a horcajadas y mirando hacia atrás para leer. Cuenta además con un cajoncillo bajo el asiento, para almacenar material de lectura o accesorios para ello. 73.03 cm de ancho, 53.34 cm de profundidad y 83.19 o 107 cm de altura (dependiendo si el atril está abierto o no)
a wooden desk with drawers and a figurine on top
Buro Georgiano pequeño
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in the middle of a room
estilo georgiano - s.XVIII inglaterra
a wooden table sitting on top of a white floor next to a black wall with an ornate design
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mesa circular de estilo georgiano notable do. 1825 Inglaterra
an ornate wooden mirror with gold trimmings on the edges and a white background
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Espejo inglés de estilo georgiano en caoba y talla dorada, del siglo XIX
a large brick house with white trim and windows
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a large white house with black shutters and trees
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I don't know anything about this house, but I like it's simple formal design and radius balcony over the front door.
an old house with a fountain in front of it
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a large brick house covered in snow
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This is us: brick, off-white trim. Dormers with big windows. Library and social room with window reading seat
a large brick house with lots of windows and bushes around it's front entrance
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