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This gorgeous style looks anything but 'simple'... Until you look at the great instructions & photos of each step!! It is super rare that the 'step by step' process is code for step a to j in 1 step followed then with cryptic instruction which makes little sense - IMO this is NOT the case here though :)

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The Best 25 Useful Hair Tutorials Ever

How To Make Retro Updo Fishtail tutorial: Maybe you could do 2 French braids down the sides into the pony. Then either braid or fishtail for flip

Up side down braid: i wish braiding my hair upside down were this easy because i'd like to do this for runs.

Eye makeup tutorial Hairdo that's great for day to night. Upside down Braid to ponytail Braid.

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How cute is this bow bun? DIY hair bow bun tutorial, Hairstyle, Haircuts – Step By Step Hair Tutorial, Joshua Perets Lifestyle

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For the last part just grab a piece of hair that's hanging from the half ponytail over and behind the bow part and maybe put a Bobby pin or two to secure it at the back of the bow. Really easy to do let me know if you have any questions:)

.................this looks like it would be easy to do and different

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Easy twisty bun tutorial: almost looks like a messy updo! A Little Slice Of: Easy Twisty Bun messy bun tutorial