Roman Empire

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The Bronze statue of the Charioteer, 480-460 B.C., Delphi, Greece, 2011

On the head is wearing the victor's ribbon adorned with impressed silver. The face is enlivened by the inlaid eyes, the tufts of hair, and the youthful beard on his cheeks.


Sito dedicato alla vita, ai fasti, alle vittorie e sconfitte dell'Impero Romano.

Mosaic with the scene of gladiatorial fight (so-called Simmachius mosaic). Madrid, National Archaeological Museum

Marble, limestone and glass paste. 3rd century CE. Height: 60.5 cm, width: 60.5 cm, depth: 10 cm.

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Mosaic with the scene in the Circus. Madrid, National Archaeological Museum

Marble, limestone and glass paste. 3rd century CE. Height: 50 cm, width: 52 cm, depth: 5.4 cm.

An Apulian Plastic Lekythos in the Form of a Woman's Head

Terracotta, Late Classical, ca. 400-375 B.C.E. Head of a woman. In the absence of plentiful sculptural-quality stone, artists of Southern Italy used clay to great artistic effect. The head is impressive for its size, the sensitive rendering of the face, the texture of the hair, and the careful articulation of the earrings. (21.88.65) Text from Metropolitan Museum card.

Statue of Tiberius louvre 3

Statue of Tiberius in toga. Detail. Marble. Height 2.08 m. Inv. No. MR 355 (Ma 1248). Paris, Louvre Museum. educational use only

AC: Origins - The City of Cyrene

I am presenting to you my work from the City of Cyrene. My work was to do Level Art all across the city, as well part of level design on a few places. The city was a rich Greek temple city with a population being mostly the elite. It was founded by people

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Bronze Sestertius of Vespasian, Rome, AD 71 1935.117.372

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