Tessellating windows and cladding panels create a pattern of glowing triangles on the facade of this commercial building in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Junichiro Ikeura embraces the triangle with Japanese salon and office

Façade sandwich panel (metal facing, polyurethane foam core) FISCHERTHERM LL 80 Fischer Profil GmbH

Discover all the information about the product Facade sandwich panel / metal facing / polyurethane foam core FISCHERTHERM LL 80 - Fischer Profil GmbH and find where you can buy it.

Naves industriales metalicas prefabricadas economicas para talleres. Estructuras metalicas modulares en acero galvanizado y cerramientos metalicos y hormigon.

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Rojo para decorar el jardín.

“I wanted to transform the dividing wall into a living wall,” says garden designer Terry McGlade, so he planted low-maintenance ‘Thorndale’ ivy and fitted the wall with a grid of stainless-steel cables on which the ivy could climb.

nuevas-bodegas-bodega-industrial-en-renta-en-pueblo-el-diez-culiacan-4089.jpg (1024×578)

nuevas-bodegas-bodega-industrial-en-renta-en-pueblo-el-diez-culiacan-4089.jpg (1024×578)