I love Disney!! I think these are cute... (even if inaccurate to the true stories) and (even though Thumbilina wasn't Disney and Belle should be there) Some of the arguing comments are hilarious btw

Happily Ever After

me encanta Disney es lo mejor soy fan numero 1

Amazing Disney oil paintings

Funny pictures about Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces. Also, Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces photos.


Disney couples Aladdin, Snow white, princess and the frog, little mermaid, lady…

Cambiando de sexo a personajes disney

26 gender-bending Disney characters^ theses are brilliantly done, all of these all exactly how I believe these characters would look like if they were the opposite gender

Disney nunca querría que las vieras así - También tienen sus necesidades

EHAT THE GELL~~~"disney princesses. they also have their necessities" lmao get this shit off my dash

La familia es uno de nuestros primero grupos de referencia para decisiones y otras cosas, es por eso que el tener una familia es muy importante para mi y es algo con lo que sueño tener,

Which Disney Mum Are You/Will You Be?

Perhaps you've seen that theory that Anna and Elsa's parents are Tarzan's parents. Not only do they look completely different, but they died differently (Tarzan's parents were on a boat that set on fire).

Justo en la infancia :''v

+10 por este arte digital (medieval,rol)


Disney Characters Princesses Art Nouveau Illustrations Hannah A aurora sleeping beauty arielle the little mermaid pocahontas rapunzel tangled belle beauty and the beast merida brave snow white mulan jasmine aladdin. This is pretty cool