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five metal flowers are arranged in a row on a white wall behind them is a brick wall
Stained Glass Everlasting Wildflowers, Flower Bouquet, Flower Suncatcher, Yellow Pale Lilac Green Color Flowers and Leaves, Home Decor - Etsy Australia
two mugs sitting on a table next to each other with orange slices in them
Household Water Cup Ins Style Creative Ceramic Cup With Lid Flower Tea Cup - K
Product Information: Material: Ceramic Product Category: Mug Style: Japanese Applicable places: household Applicable object: tea Pattern: plain Microwave: available A: Pure color covered strawberry-400ml B: Pure color cover orange-400ml C: Pure color lid lemon-400ml D:Pure color covered pineapple-400ml E: Silver Cover Strawberry-400ml F: Silver Cover Orange-400ml G: Silver Lid Lemon-400ml H: Silver cover pineapple-400ml