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9 Ways to Attract Someone Who Adores You
attract someone
a van parked in front of the ocean with a quote above it that says, que dios no permita vivirr tod aquendo que too aquil que que que que que que que que que quanes que sanamos
a drawing of a woman holding a cup of coffee with her back to the camera
a woman laughing with the caption'una muer que sebe soneri sin compafia, dormir sin esperar un mes y estar bonita para
a poem written in spanish on paper with watercolor paint and black ink, the words are
Frases de familia
Frases de Familia #familia #imagenesdefamilia
someone holding their hand out the window of a car with an orange heart on it
a sign that is in front of some trees
the words are written in spanish on a blurry background with small white flowers and leaves
a wooden bench with the words entre las cosas que puedes dar y mantener, estn tu palabra, tu sonita y un cora de agonzo agradendo