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All Time Best Tips: Dekorative Kissen für Mädchen dekorative Kissen floral grün ... How To Make Pill

Sibling Names: The Ultimate Guide

The definitive guide to sibling names, including what to consider when naming siblings, popular names for siblings, and unique sibling names.

53 Effortlessly Cool Baby Names For Boys in 2020

Trying to find that perfect baby name for your child can be tough. You want it to fit with your last name and other kids' names, but also with your aesthetic.

128 Olympic Baby Names

Take a peek at these Olympic baby names dating from the 1896 games until now. The Olympics spotlights global choices that might not otherwise attract our attention. Names of Olympians range from trendy and well-used to never-before-seen picks, but we’ve chosen to feature some of more unique Olympian names here. These gold medal baby names show real promise:

138 Virtue Names

Virtue names, favored by the Puritans, represent qualities we should embody or at least aspire to. They are word names, such as Creed and Heavenly, that often speak to a parent’s values that they hope to pass on to their children. Along with Heavenly and Creed, other virtue names in the US Top 1000 include Ace, Felicity, Grace, Haven, Journey, Justice, Legend, and Serenity. Rare virtuous names on the rise include Dream, Ever, Hero, and Pax. While some of the Puritanical virtue names such as…

Bright New Surname Names for Girls

The next generation of surname names for girls — goodbye Madison, Riley, and Kennedy, hello Madigan, Ripley, and Kensington!

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Twin Names: The Ultimate Guide

Twin names offer double the challenge but double the fun. Here is our ultimate guide to top twin names, unique twin names, girl twin names, and boy twin names.

239 Unusual Biblical Baby Names

The Bible is full of names, and many that were once considered unusual—Moses, for example, and Delilah—are now familiar on playgrounds throughout the land. So if you're looking for unique bible baby names, you have to look a lot harder, but they're still there. Instead of Delilah or Moses, you might try Zillah or Moab. Along with Zillah and Moab, other unusual biblical baby names worth considering include Boaz, Gaius, Jericho, Joah, Keturah, Omri, Tirzah, or Zipporah. Biblical names that are…

Baby Names 2021

Baby names 2021 respond to the dark days of the pandemic — bring on the sunshine and magic! But say goodbye to Cora and Cove, because, well, you get it.

Unusual Vintage Baby Names For Girls

Vintage baby names have had a huge revival recently and lots of lovely old fashioned Victorian names like Florence and Amelia have suddenly become very popular. Almost too popular. So if you want a unusual

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135 Two Syllable Boy Names

The best two syllable boy names can be found at the top of the list, with Liam and Eli, and among unique names like Drummer and Osgood . Top two syllable boy names such as Noah and Asher are lovely, but we love rare two syllable names for boys too, from Abner to Zion. You can find a great two syllable name for your daughter to fit any taste and style. Two syllable boy names can be sleek and modern, like Aiden and Leo. They can also be traditionally masculine such as Andrew or Walter, Two…