Coldplay paradise                                                                                                                            Más

If you don't get it, you didn't watch the music video. (It's Chris Martin in his elephant costume on the unicycle riding towards the sign. because the song was called PARADISE.

Ayer me dijo un ave, Caifanes. Por:

Ayer me dijo un ave

Ayer me dijo un ave, Caifanes. Por:

"Smile Like You Mean It." -The Killers

Oh girl, someday you'll understand."Smile Like You Mean It," The Killers lyrics

...the final cut  Pink Floyd... This was one of our favorite songs!  The worst thing is that when I did open up to you & tell you what I'm feeling~~You turned around 2 nights later & used them against me. NEVER again! My thoughts & feelings will stay hidden behind that same broken heart.  Here I was thinking this could work out~my mistake!

the final cut Pink Floyd these lyrics cut through my soul

Los amores inalcanzables se vuelven cósmicos cuando se funden con la poesía

This has always been one of my favorite muse lyrics. What's everyone else's favorites?

John just texted this to me.lyrics from my favorite MUSE song :)