Hoy es el día, Actúa en positivo con este manual del esntusiasmo para alcanzar tus sueños.

Manual del entusiasmo #infografia #infographic

Día Internacional de la Mujer, 8 de marzo.  More pins at https://www.pinterest.com/sraturner/d%C3%ADa-internacional-de-la-mujer-8-de-marzo/

Reme Gómez Sierra added a new photo — with Teresa Lombardo and 22 others.


The 19 best drone photos of 2014

Amos Chapple - Barcelona - 37 incredible drone photos from across the globe that would be illegal today

Hoy es uno de esos días. #humor #risa #graciosas #chistosas #divertidas

Hoy es uno de esos días. #humor #risa #graciosas #chistosas #divertidas


Color Inspiration Daily: 13 - Seaside Cycle - Illustrated Print by Anna Deegan via creature comforts

Your students will be amazed at how many countries speak Spanish. This map high-lights all areas of the world where the majority of the population speaks Spanish.  The map is also written completely in Spanish. It includes a table with the names of 21 Spanish-speaking countries, their capitals and flags.

Map highlights areas where the majority of the population speaks Spanish. It includes continents, names of 21 Spanish-speaking countries, capitals and flags.

En esta dirección podéis encontrar el audio que escuchamos ayer sobre la evolución de los tópicos sobre España: http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/reportajes-emisoras/reportajes-emisoras-segovia-topicazos-24-04-13/1784088/#aHR0cDovL3d3dy5ydHZlLmVzL2FsYWNhcnRhL2ludGVybm8vY29udGVudHRhYmxlLnNodG1sP3BicT03Jm9yZGVyQ3JpdGVyaWE9REVTQyZtb2RsPVRPQyZsb2NhbGU9ZXMmcGFnZVNpemU9MTUmY3R4PTExMDMwJmFkdlNlYXJjaE9wZW49ZmFsc2U=

My absolute fave of the Italy-only Coke Light bottles - Moschino.'cos I love everything to do with Flamenco and I love Coca Cola! (fat Coke though, not Light :p)