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a bowl filled with pink flowers sitting on top of a table next to two statues
Marapachi bommai
a potted plant sits on top of a plate with water and flowers in it
Happy Mahashivratri !!
Wedding, Fashion, Toys, Ram, Moni, Kid, Arta, Mask
three colorfully painted wooden dolls sitting on top of a wood table next to each other
Jagannath Balaram Subhadra
two wooden statues on top of a shelf with candles
a table topped with lots of brown and white cookies
Handpainted Pooja manai, kolam stool, return gift, small stool, diy
a small figurine sitting on top of a table next to a box and tree
Marathadi pillaiyar
#goludolls #koludolls #navaratridolls #quillingdolls #indianquillingdolls #quillingminiatures
three paper lotuses hanging from strings on the wall with coins and beads around them
Lotus Backdrop Decor Desi Pooja Decor Set of 5 Handmade - Etsy
there are many figurines on the table
ராமர் பட்டாபிஷேகம்
there are statues of hindu deities on the table
there are statues of hindu deities on the table
ராமர் பட்டாபிஷேகம்
a wall mounted shelf filled with lots of figurines on top of each other
Sravanthi Kolluri on Instagram: "This is a new design in the Dasavatharam wall shelf! Please DM for details. For sale only in the USA. Shelf will not be sold separately for now! PS: I am yet to deliver all the old shelf orders that were ordered months ago. Hopefully they will be completed in Jan, so you if you need one, be ready to wait 🙏🙏 #kolam #kolampodu #mykolam #kolamart #kolamartistsofusa #mydecorvibe #myantiquestory #custompoojastoolsinusa #desidiy #savvyscreativity #artistson
a potted plant with some rocks in it and a small figurine on top
Jade plant decor
there are many different foods on the table and in front of it is an image of lord ganeshh
Krishna Janamashtami.