Bf (idk thats what ppl call him)

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two comics with one being pulled up and the other saying i don't want to sleep
"pinky promises" your bf shit ❤
Una hermosa Rosa Como usted 😩🌹
two cartoon characters are looking at each other in the mirror, one is holding his head
Your Boyfriend Game Images (COMPLETE) - peter you loveable idiot
an animated image of a man brushing his hair with the words xd above it
Ñ Undertale Fanart, Stalker, Character, Psychotic
Un edit del hermoso Peter B)
Tik Tok @your._.boyfriend._edits Peter yb
I really like the Spanish People's song, Very Good and Beautiful😍🔞
♥ The Confession || YB Animatic ♥
Peter pisame la cara! 🛐