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senior pix -A masculine, relaxed look. The dark tones (gray and denim) look great with the dark hair. With that said, if you're blond, a bright white shirt with denim might be your thing (not that you can't pull off the gray -- we know you can).

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My newest celebrity crush: Michael Fassbender. He's been in a ton of movies where I've been "who is this handsome man? apparently he's in the new x-men.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

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Annie Liebovitz George The way she has got a natural look in the picture of George clooney. i like the effect of the camera has done to george

Photos: *Vanity Fair’*s 2012 Hollywood Portfolio

Tom Hanks on his diabetes, pirates and rapping with Dan Aykroyd

Tom Hanks on his diabetes, pirates and rapping with Dan Aykroyd

Sol alttaki isiklandirma

Natural light men's portraits in our old photobin studio space (except the vertical images in the middle bottom. 2 ice-lights for them) - photobin photography


Ben Affleck: ‘I’m not very present’ outside of work

People talk about Ben Affleck like he's no-talent tabloid fodder, but the way I see it, he's an outstanding self-made filmmaker who already has three Oscars at age I wouldn't mind achieving that level of artistic accomplishment.

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Headshot of man with suit: -soft box lit slightly from the left -the composition is great from slightly to the right. -the background wall is flat but doesn't really detract from the image. -the model's hair is perfectly styled. -The focus on eyes is

Obama by Platon

So proud to have been part of this history making . Love him, or hate him it is historic. First black President of the United States. Great moment and man in my opinion.- BARACK OBAMA by PLATON