I have a new grandma friend who needs this

Pretty sure daddy will want to get her this if it's a girl. Baby 'kinleigh will be daddy's little girl for a lifetime!

five ways to do bunting.

Holiday Gift Giving Etiquette {good to know} DIY artwork for a girl's room. Garlands / 10 Ways Great Gift idea!

Pixie - wooden toy camera,

pixie wooden toy camera twotone w/o cork bottom by twigcreative. if i ever have kids i feel that they need only wooden toys :)

I'm so making some of these

3 Stylish Neck Tie Baby Bibs in Yellow, Blue, Green and Brown - Great Baby Shower Gift.

lomo camera cupcake 005

These are so chunky + so stinkin' cute! Elkins House, i changed my mind i want these!

Totally :)

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