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Monster From Folklore Are You? Digital art illustration painting // Sea Monsters MoreDigital Digital usually refers to something using digits, particularly binary digits. Magical Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Sea Creatures, Creature Fantasy, Mythical Water Creatures, Fantasy Kunst, Fantasy Art, Digital Art Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

Colorful Digital Art by Benjamin Cehelsky - Cruzine

Benjamin Cehelsky aka Ryky is a young talented digital illustrator coming from the Czech Republic. I like his style, mainly the color combination he uses

Not a dog, but super cute! Image of an axolotl, commonly known as a Mexican salamander or a Mexican walking fish. Weird Looking Animals, Animals And Pets, Cute Animals, Paludarium, Mundo Animal, Reptiles And Amphibians, Ocean Life, Aquarium Fish, Marine Life

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Image of an axolotl, commonly known as a Mexican walking fish. Image credit: Tim Flach

Jörmungandr Jörmungandr, sometimes referred to as the Midgard Serpent (or World Serpent) is a sea serpent of the Norse mythology, the middle child of Lo. The Midgard Serpent Creature Feature, Creature Design, Fantasy Dragon, Fantasy Art, Dragons, Sea Serpent, Dragon Artwork, Water Dragon, Legendary Creature

The Midgard Serpent

Jormungandr by BoSt The Origin of the Midgard Serpent The Midgard Serpent by vyrilien-d491d85 In the Norse and Teutonic legends, as recounted in the Prose Edda of Snorri Sturlson, the most powerful and feared Dragon-like creature was the Midgard Serpent, known as Jörmungandr. Jörmungandr was so huge he was able to circle the entire Earth (or Midgard as it was called by the Vikings) and put its own tail into its mouth. The Midgard Serpent’s sworn enemy was the Thunder God Thor, one of the few…

I wish I had been a woodcut illustrator when I was nine so that my Dungeons and Dragons drawings would have looked like this: Weird Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Sea Creatures, Dragons, Merian, Scratchboard, Cryptozoology, Old Maps

Monstrorum Historia

Woodcut illustrations from Aldrovandi's 'History of Monsters' Capreolus Polyceros Monstrum triceps capite Vulpis, Draconis, & Aquil...

Murray’s Abyssal Anglerfish - Melanocetus murrayi Also known as Black Seadevil, Melanocetus murrayi (Lophiiformes - Melanocetidae) is certainly a strange deep-sea fish living at depths of Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Deep Sea Creatures, Water Animals, Deep Sea Fishing, Deep Blue Sea, Sea Monsters, Ocean Life, Planet Ocean

The deep-dwelling Murray's abyssal anglerfish has a bioluminescent lure used to attract prey.

Creative Illustration, Painting, and Whale image ideas & inspiration on Designspiration Drawn Art, Art Plastique, Cool Art, Concept Art, Art Projects, Art Photography, Illustration Art, Creative Illustration, Sketches


“Amo la gente che si ama, che sa amarsi. Ha un vestito migliore cucito addosso con l’ago dell’anima. E lo regala, senza guardare la misura. Perché l’amore non si prova, si indossa direttamente.” "I love the people who love, who know how to love each other. They have a better dress, sewn on with...

Have you noticed anything weird in these funny photos? Enjoy ridiculous funny pics that you need to look twice to figure out what's strange here. Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Ocean Creatures, Tier Fotos, Mundo Animal, Ocean Life, Marine Life, Under The Sea, Beautiful Creatures


mysleepykisser-with-feelings-hid: “ Sawfish Sydney Aquarium by Matt Stewart (more animal posts here) ”