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a woman's thigh with a tattoo design on her leg and an image of a demon
Finally got my Ancient Magus Bride linework done. Anthony @ Equinox Art Collective in Woodstock, GA takes all the credit for this beauty.
three dragon like objects flying in the air
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a woman's foot with bats on it and the moon in the sky behind her
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gothic bat tattoos 🦇
three bats are flying in the air on someone's leg, and they appear to be upside down
Igor_lukyan: I will hand draw your amazing custom tattoo design for $40 on fiverr.com
a small dragon tattoo on the side of a woman's thigh, with stars around it
69 Dungeons and Dragons Tattoos [2024 Inspiration Guide]
a small dragon tattoo on the right side of the thigh, it is black and white
a drawing of a flying bird with wings spread out and the letter j on it's side
a woman's arm with three bats on it and one is flying away from the camera
a black and white drawing of a dragon
three dragon like objects flying in the air
Blue dragon tattoo #tattooideas #smalltattoos #tattooideasfemale Tatoo
Blue dragon tattoo