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two blue birds sitting on top of a branch with pink flowers in the middle and white background
15231120_1788633658025863_4421301927117538092_o.jp - Quilled Paper Art
a heart shaped card with pink flowers on it
13 Paper Quilling Design Ideas That Will Stun Your Friends
a card with paper flowers on it
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the paper flowers are made with scissors and thread on top of each other, as well as green stems
Quilling - Cosmos
a white wall with flowers and butterflies painted on it's side in the shape of a wave
a colorful paper sculpture with a musical note on it's side, made out of circles
Amazing Dreams, Pretty Things & Everything in Between
a card with pink paper flowers and pearls on the bottom, in front of a white background
Přání k narozeninám
a hand holding a multicolored paper flower in it's palm print design