Una gran idea para cambiar el libro de firmas de tu boda! Gifts Made With Love

Love guest books and wedding mementoes you can hang and see after the big day. Guest books get thrown on a bookshelf and forgotten but display guest books are gorgeous and visible!

Mira cómo calcular la bebida en la boda #bodas #elblogdemaríajosé #bebidaboda

Calcular la bebida en la boda

lacher de ballons leds

Illuminer votre mariage avec des ballons leds

Only white balloons with confetti in it or chinese lantherns as decoration or wish idea

Globos luminosos gracias a los leds

Light up your summer nights with this cool DIY LED balloon idea! Pintwist of the glow sticks, colours and another fun and creative DIY project!

recuerdos para boda13

Recuerdos para Boda

Idea Beighten Glass Wedding Favors Should Only Well Beautiful From Also Only Very About Functional These After Guests

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Simple yet brilliant, this lamp is made of a white balloon (feel free to use any other color), a lithium coin battery, and LEDs.