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a hand holding a tiny insect with a flower on it's back and wings
Jane Bee (@JaneBea5) on X
many colorful shells in a wicker basket
Rock art collection 💜 Do you like it? 🌺 . #repost by @jolophotoflo .
blue seashells are arranged on a white plate
a white plate topped with lots of different types of decorative items on top of a table
Painted Shells
many decorative plates with birds on them are arranged in a circle and one is gold
DIY Trinket Trays using IOD Moulds and Transfers
These unique trinket trays made from seashells are perfect for holding keys, loose change, jewelry, or other keepsakes. Step-by-step DIY decor tutorial using seashells, IOD moulds, IOD Transfers, and air dry clay. Perfect to give as a Mother's Day gift or a birthday gift, or you could make them to sell in your handmade shop.
some green leaves are sitting on a white plate next to plants and potted plants
A collection of decoupage oyster shells with greenery and tropical leaves