I wish I'd had this in Spanish class.

Spanish words that are pronounced the same but are written differently // Palabras que es español se pronuncian igual, pero se escriben diferentes.


A list of Spanish question words and interrogative words with English translation and examples. Find out how to ask questions in Spanish with interrogatives

Gramática del Tercer Ciclo de Primaria

Gramática del Tercer Ciclo de Primaria ✿ ✿ Share it with people who are serious about learning Spanish!

Reglas de acentuación

With the Learning Spanish Like Crazy system, you will learn how to speak authentic Latin American Spanish.

Spanish Alphabet charts in both color and black and white!

Spanish Alphabet Charts (el alfabeto)

Spanish alphabet chart (el alfabeto) with vibrant pictures your kids will love! This includes a full color version and a black and white version of the chart that kids can color.

Presente de indicativo - formas regulares e irregulares (boot verbs: decir, jugar, poder, salir, seguir, sentirse, tener, etc.):

Couldn't find this on the site (link leads to homepage), but it would be easy to make your own using the Spanish verbs and other Spanish vocabulary you're teaching.