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Monthly Grade

Monthly Grade is a reward system that gives users benefits based on the amount of C-Coins they purchase. There is a total of twelve different levels, however sometimes rewards are only given at Level 10. Players are able to obtain previous Monthly Grade rewards through the Monthly Grade Gacha, a special gacha released periodically. Comes with "Sweet Berry" Themed items for each Grade. Comes with "Kawaii★Star" Themed items for each Grade. Comes with "Bride of Spiritual World" Themed items for…


Easter♡Hunt was a Catching Event available from 03/31/2018 to 04/09/2018 (First Half from 03/31/2018 to 04/05/2018 and Second Half from 04/05/2018 to 04/09/2018) with "Easter" themed rewards. Elisa: Amusement Paaaaaark!! Let's enjoy all day long~~! Coco: Come over here. It says... 「Easter Fest in session」♪ Elisa: Easter! I love it! I'm getting excited! But... isn't here too quiet? Easter Girl: Hey guys! Have you seen rabbits? Or chicks? Coco: Are you..? Easter Girl: I'm a sponsor of this…

Lovely Highlight Braided Hair ver.A yellow

Lovely Lolita

Lovely Lolita - Lots of Lovely Lolita Item♡ was a Delivery Event available from 08/09/2017 to 08/19/2017 (First Half from 08/09/2017 to 08/15/2017 and Second Half from 08/15/2017 to 08/19/2017) with "Yume Kawaii" themed rewards. Coco: Elisa, shall we go to Lovely Town to learn what「Ultimate Kawaii♡」 is? Elisa: After the secret of knight, then we're going to master the key of Kawaii. Okay, let's go! Coco: I heard lots of lolita girl get together in this town... but everybody seems to be…

Dragon HorseCute Tiny Tattoos

Art Style ChallengeDragon HorseHair Sketch

Hair SketchQueen Outfit