Tips for learning astrology and practicing using Astrology Dice ✨
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an astrological sign with zodiac signs and their names in black ink on a white background
Astrology Symbol Cheat Sheets - Signs, Planets, Houses
Cheat sheet for the 12 Houses in Astrology, Planetary Symbols & their basic meaning, and Astrology signs. These are very basic & meant to be a guide for beginners to learn astrology. I specifically made these to help you understand how to use Astrology Dice for divination. There is sooo much more to learn that can’t be put in a small guide like this but I hope it helps.
the moon phase goal is shown in pink and white with an illustration of phases on it
Using the Moon Phases to Manifest Your Desires | Witch Tips — Emerald Lotus
Using the Moon Phases to Manifest Your Desires | Witch Tips — Emerald Lotus
a painting of a woman surrounded by birds and other things in the background that say taurus
an animal with horns and zodiac signs on it's back, surrounded by other animals
the twelve houses in astrology
12 Houses in Astrology Cheat Sheet
If youre trying to learn astrology it can feel overwhelming! This 12 House cheat sheet allows you to quickly see some of the basics of the 12 Houses. Feel free to use a 12 sided dice as a form of divination to see areas of your life that may be heightened at any given time!
the planets in astrology chart with zodiac symbols and their names on it, as well as
Planets in Astrology Cheat Sheet
The planets on an Astrology Dice for you to use as a cheat sheet in your pratice. With astrology, theres so much more you can learn so feel free to do your own research and dive deeper but here are just some of the basics to help get you started!
the astrological signs are shown in black and white on a green background with stars
Astrology Signs Cheat Sheet
Here are the basics of the astrology signs as a cheat sheet to use in your divination practice. The dates change every year for start and end date so the ones posted for each sign are likely not accurate for a given year but gives an idea!
Astrology Signs, Planets and 12 Houses based on Astrology Dice 🔮✨💘
the back cover of sagitrarus season, which features an image of a fish
Sagittarius Season Tarot Spread — Emerald Lotus
This season Sagittarius invites you to expand your mind, learn something new and most importantly, move forward as we start to close the chapter on 2020. For more free tarot spreads visit my website,
the sagitaruus season is shown with arrows pointing to different locations on it
Sagittarius Season Tarot Spread — Emerald Lotus
After the inward spiral of Scorpio season and the transformation that took place, we’re launched into Sagittarius season where we’re suddenly projecting outward. This coming up for air can be a relief for many who find they have been drowning in Scorpio’s energy.
the libra new moon is shown in pink and white
New Moon in Libra Tarot Spread — Emerald Lotus
If you’re feeling down, hopeless or isolated right now I encourage you to keep going and stay strong. Take time for yourself, relax, and try your best to disconnect from the news. Pull out your tarot cards and try this rather fun and lighthearted tarot spread this weekend - and know that I am always here rooting for you.