Acción Poética Tucumán ...

Tu risa me salva

Acción poética : )

Acción poética : )


We were a short story wich ill read a million times

Porque sí...

What if we hugged just for the sake of hugging?

Acción Poética, Monterrey, 2011. :D

Acción Poética, Monterrey, 2011. :D


love, quotes and frases image on We Heart It


No es graffitti.

Media naranja!

My better half Art Print by Aaron Thong

Eres linda...

Eres linda...

La música une a las personas :)

la musica une a las personas

Pablo Neruda

"You are the only light in the darkness," Keiran breathed, and I looked up at him. He stared at me, his mouth in a hard line. "When will you get that you're light. That I am the darkness around you,"


El mundo cambia con tu ejemplo, no con tu opinión. The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.

Escoger a nuestros amos no nos hace menos esclavos.

Esa es la idea so.

Made of stories.

Scientists say we are made of atoms but a little bird told me we are made of stories. Eduardo Galeano (In my head, this picture is a story of the time she got bird poop in her hair.


I love days when my only problem is tea or coffee Picture Quote