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two wooden boats tied to the beach under a tree
a river flowing through a lush green forest
new zealand
the stairs lead down to the beach from the cliff side area, with palm trees on either side
sorrento, italy
the inside of a camper with two windows and a bed in front of it
south island, new zealand
the water is very clear and there are rocks in it
hamurana springs natural reserve, new zealand
a woman standing on top of a hill next to the ocean
@audreylillian mount mauganui summit, north island, new zealand
an aerial view of the ocean with lush green trees and bushes in the foreground
north island, new zealand
ducks are swimming in the clear water near some trees and bushes, under a blue sky with white clouds
north island, new zealand
a woman standing on a suspension bridge in the forest with ferns growing all around her
@audreylillian redwoods treewalk rotorua, north island, new zealand
the mountains are covered in snow and green trees, with houses on either side of them
wengen, switzerland