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many different tools are sitting on a table
Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “Tools, pots and objects used in the creation of my work. Pens for drawing, inkwells for storing ink and hollowed out boards to place…”
a collection of ceramic figurines arranged in the shape of a heart
La pinteresteadora
several blue and white ceramic animals on a table next to paintbrushes, scissors and other crafting supplies
a table topped with lots of metal spoons and plates
See this Instagram photo by @earthandbaker • 2,728 likes
a mobile with animals and birds hanging from it's sides on a wall next to a white wall
Kickcan & Conkers
Katia Soussan
several spoons with designs on them sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Her Tea Leaves
Demetria Chappo
a woman standing in front of some white birds
Ceramic Artist: Sophie Woodrow
Sophie Woodrow talks about her ceramic sculptures. "Sophie’s sculptures are not visitors from other worlds, but the ‘might-have-beens’ of this world. She seeks to assemble creatures from the strange notions of what we define as ‘nature’ and of each other as people – as ‘other’."
a group of white figurines sitting next to each other
some of the wonderous ceramics of Sophie Woodrow
a white ceramic figurine with seashells on it's head and shoulders
Sophie Woodrow’s Porcelains.
20 Sophie Woodrows Porcelains.
five white ceramic figurines are lined up in a row on a gray background
Sophie Woodrow, ceramic artist, Bristol. Stunning, haunting, ethereal work...
a group of ceramic animals standing next to each other
haunting ceramic figures by Sophie Woodrow
three porcelain bowls with dragonflies and flowers in them on a white surface, one is empty
Letizia Maggio - AGC
Da sempre, porcelain brooches
three small figurines of cows on a blue and white plate
an image of the lungs with birds in it
Curiosity by Kate McDowell
Anatomies... Hamsa, Lobster Jewelry, Show Of Hands, Doll Parts, Life Photography, Jewellery Display, Artist At Work, Photo Jewelry, Amulet
Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien
there are many fake hands and books on the shelf
old brass hands Accessories, Bijoux, Antiquarian, Handy
old brass hands
there are many different items on the table including hands, nails and other things to make it look like they have been made out of clay
hands collection
many different types of gloves and hands on a white surface
ceramic hand beads manos rotas
four different types of vases with designs on them and one is white, the other has blue
blue hands in ceramic Evelyn Tannus
several hand - shaped dishes and bowls are arranged on a white surface, including one with blue designs
[LIMITED] DashNex PowerTech For One Time Fee
Vipoo Srivilasa
a white platter with leaves and acorns painted on the side sitting next to dried branches
Achetez des Timbres, Envoyez Courrier, Colis - La Poste
This is the story of the potter and the painter : ceramicist Tracy Dickason, and artist Tiel Seivl-Keevers. Together, they’ve created a beautiful new collection of delicate handmade ceramics, called ttmade.
a ceramic bird sitting on top of a wooden block with flowers in it's beak
Hare and flowers by Shirley Vauvelle | Made By Hand Online
twelve decorative ceramic objects are arranged on a white surface, each with different shapes and sizes
slab hands
a white ceramic busturine with glasses and a yellow shirt
Curiosities — Bonnie Marie Smith
Idea Man - Bonnie Marie Smith
a white vase with branches in it sitting on a table
Ceramics by Bonnie Marie Smith.
Ceramics by Bonnie Marie Smith. - Art is a Way
there are many small figurines arranged in the shape of a circle on the wall
Trophies - Bonnie Marie Smith This could be cute with forest animals out of clay
a collection of ceramic figurines arranged in the shape of a heart
Ceramics by Bonnie Marie Smith.
Bonnie Marie Smith LucidDreams Ceramics by Bonnie Marie Smith.
several pictures of different types of mannequins and hairbrushes on display
Ceramic art that tells the Smallest Stories By Bonnie Marie Smith
there are many different types of dolls on the table together, including one with a sign that says smileless stories
Smallest Stories
Smallest Stories
an old wooden box filled with lots of brass items
Профессиональный набор парфюмера, XVIII
three butterflies are mounted to the wall and one has buttons on it's wings
Cabinet of Curiosities Specimen No. 16 the Autumn Moth Eye | Etsy
Cabinet of Curiosities Specimen no. 16 - The Autumn Moth Eye Flies - original 3D insect paintings © Mab Graves
JANE HARRISON. In The Fern Oxidised White Metal, Porcelain Lady, Metalsmithing, Metalwork Jewelry, Contemporary Jewelry, Art Jewelry Contemporary, Jewelry Art
Jane Harrison Jewellery
JANE HARRISON. In The Fern Oxidised White Metal, Porcelain
four different types of bracelets and rings on white background with text overlaying the image
November 2012
TheCarrotbox.com modern jewellery blog : obsessed with rings // feed your fingers!
four different types of rings with flowers in the middle and on each side, all made out of porcelain
March 2010
French jeweller Anne Perbet rings made of porcelain, paper and glass
four white plates with flowers painted on them
three pictures of different types of cream on plates
Johnson Tsang
a hand holding a blue and white plate with many hands on the inside of it
The Shiny Squirrel
The Shiny Squirrel
two pieces of art made out of white plastic
curated contemporary art /// katharine morling
ceramic work of UK based artist Katharine Morling
a white plate with red designs on it
Kim Joon - Fragile-Mermaid (2010) [Tumblr Monday with showslow]
a white bowl with brown buildings painted on the outside and inside, in front of a white background
Helen Beard Studio
helen beard.....look inside...
two silver and gold plates with small figurines sitting on them next to each other
Page not found | designboom | architecture & design magazine
Work of Cristina Celis Flam vegetarian-plates
small toy cows are placed in a bowl
Page not found | designboom | architecture & design magazine
a ceramic teapot with white dots on it
tea pot
tea pot | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
three small tags with birds on them sitting on a table next to scissors and other items
Gorgeous Ceramic brooches
Lia Tajcnar, The Curiosity Smith. Necklace, 'Ceremonial Chaos' porcelain & resin, 2012. Pendants, Clay Jewelry
Curiosity Smith
Lia Tajcnar, The Curiosity Smith. Necklace, 'Ceremonial Chaos' porcelain & resin, 2012.
a person is holding a potted plant in front of a houseplant on a table
A Unique Place for Rustic Home Decor & Furniture
Welcome to At West End! Very interesting new catalog company. Rustic & loft style, outdoor and indoor decor, etc!
three different types of fish are shown in this collage
Andrew Ludick Colourful Ceramics
Fishinkblog 5823 Andrew Ludick 6
a vase with a woman sitting on top of it
Red Weldon Sandlin Love’s TEAny Lure: A Mermaid’s Tale 2007 Ceramic13.25 x 9 x 6.25 in.
five different types of gloves on display with one hand holding the other's thumb
NomadBeadMerchants - Etsy
Victorian Hand Beads
a bunch of green flowers are on a string with some beads attached to the cord
Leona Šimáčková
two ceramic figurines sitting on top of a counter next to a potted plant
knitter gifts
five white porcelain figurines with hands and feet sitting on a table next to each other
7 Hands
antique hand dishes | victorian
the shelves are filled with dishes and plates in white cupboards, which have wicker baskets on them
sneak peek: jane cameron, fête magazine
brown and white dishes
the shelves are filled with white dishes and bowls, cups, and utensils
Catherine Huckerby
kitchen storage + dishes + china cabinet