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three old photos hanging on a wall with some string attached to them and two buttons
Puur Anders
an old book with two pieces of paper on top of it and some flowers in the middle
Cabin & Cottage
Cabin & Cottage
an art work with flowers and birds in the middle, on white paper that has been altered to look like watercolor
Sophie MORILLE Artiste plasticienne/ Designer textile.
a drawing of a woman's face with leaves on her head, in black and white
Nathaniel Bellows
a piece of paper with some flowers on top of it and writing underneath the flower
a white cup sitting on top of a table
the shadow of a leaf is cast on a glass wall with trees in the background
Leslie Avon Miller — heraldblack: Drawing & layering with collage &...
many different birds are drawn on squares in black and white, with one bird flying through the air
Catherine Eaton Skinner - Kyugee IV
several different types of art work displayed on a table with white and brown paper covering them
Collages de papiers à l’encaustique
Collages de papiers à l'encaustique - Peintures à l'encaustique pour artistes
two pictures with leaves on them, one has a flower and the other is a leaf
Layers (2)
a black and white drawing of a tree
Jose Antonio Suárez Londoño!
a piece of paper with an ornament hanging from it's side on a wall