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adam hale aka mr.splice (The Jealous Curator)

Modelo de poster

We like this kind of full-body shot -- unique to each person. May or may not do the word overlay, but we love Be Fearlessly Authentuc

2-Recorte de la mujer

This cutout collage feel could be a cool way to keep it retro but have it still look cool

Custommade (Aesthete CuratorAesthete Curator More

Custommade (Aesthete CuratorAesthete Curator

A fragrance campaign for Custommade from Denmark based design studio Homework. This unique fragrance enables the customer to create their own scent. Art direction, bottle design and packaging by Homew

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Evening accessories to take your style from day to night, summer beach days or city cocktails, our new jewellery collection in rose gold, silver and gold pieces will make a stunning addition to any outfit.


Fran: Cool use of mediums / collaging, and digital media illustration. The hint of peach toned pink, compliments and accentuates the gray tine images well.