Bene Rohlmann

lightgreyartgallery: “ Check out this vintage style, hand-lettered, and beautifully contructed piece by Bene Rohlmann.This piece is part of the You Can Do It, Put Your Back Into It Exhibition.

Love can bloom into a beautiful thing, even between two broken people who start out with ridiculous expectations and too-high demands. It can grow and allow you to smile and say “we were all wrong for each other, but we figured out how to be right in the most important ways.” -Stephanie St.Claire My post about imperfect love...

Merci à pour la super texture ici: [link] I've done a kind of trilogy.the first one is here: [link] and the third: [link] Digital Collage Photoshop CS. Where the wild roses grow

Espiritú Santo

Vintage Sacred Heart Print "The Immaculate Heart of Mary" Cathlic Surreal Antique Gothic Religious Illustration