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Woodland Animal Tracks Poster

Animal Tracks of the North Eastern United States Poster Prints at

Animal Tracks of the North Eastern United States

I want to cut out the tracks the kids might come across out hiking :)

Great for budding nature detectives! Find out how to identify animals by their tracks - Play a game to find out who can knows the most wildlife footprints in 60 seconds wins. You could even create 'scout badges' for the best guesses!

Worksheets: Animal Tracks Guide  has 2 matching tracks worksheets to go along with it also.

Animal Tracks Guide

Every Girl Scout should know her animal tracks! :-)

Animal Tracks ABC Flash cards

Animal Tracks ABC Flash cards/ Many animals live around our school. Perhaps we could identify their tracks. I have seen skunk, opossum, raccoon, deer, rabbit and armadillo.

Animal Tracks identification case you're out hunting heffalumps and woozles!

ANIMAL TRACKS ID Sheets - Do You Know Your Animal Tracks???