A Naruto OC                                                                                                                                                     Mais

Uchiha Asuna Itachi's wife Mother to his sons Bears magic along with chacra Mage mode Silver hair and scarlet eyes More covering cloth Naruto oc

Mizuko 2 by vashperado. ► get more @rohitanshu ◄

bandage behind back black pants black shirt blonde hair blush closed mouth cowboy shot green vest hand in hair hand up head tilt headband highres holding holding weapon holster kunai long sleeves mike nesbitt naruto pants pocket ponytail sheath sheat

Naruto [OC]: Kazaguruma Shinobu by Rinnichin

I don't think this is an actual character (you can correct me if I'm wrong),but she looks like she'd be cool :D>>> Naruto [OC]: Kazaguruma Shinobu by Rinnichin

~ 31 Day OC Challenge ~ by OppaFaustusStyle

I've been wanting to do one of these for a while now. so I decided to try doing a 31 Day OC Challenge for Christmas ^_^ To be perfectly honest, I am H.


Fem kenma "I liked his outfit so much~♥♥" // I love how the fandom just agrees that Fem! Kenma is like gorgeous