Wondering how some people could ever think your best friend is their best friend.

28 Memes That Accurately Describe How Awesome You and Your BFFs Are

Hahaha I would poke my best friend Kelly with a stick, laugh and then leave! hah she would do the same too I bet!

Hahaha, sometimes I'm the friend that looks dead on the ground, and sometimes I'm the friend poking someone with the stick.

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"When you make a joke only you and your friend get."

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Funny Friendship Memes to Brighten Your Day

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Gently tuck the tags of their friends' shirts back in if they notice them sticking out.

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Makes me think of one of my best friends even once we are mad at each other like today even though we were mad at each other a boy called her a name you bet I slapped him no one messes with my friends