Una variación realmente agradable en el clip de peluche. Absolutamente amor cómo las orejas se han trabajado en la cabeza.

A really nice variation on the teddy clip, modeled by a Maltese. Notice how the ears have been worked to blend into the head.

Charlie isn't speaking to me....says he wants to go back and live with Uncle Russ and Aunt Louise :-(

Bichon Frisé "Joey progeny" of Chenoa Bichon Frisé breeders ~ Three Rivers, California

The Bichon cut :-). Very hard to find a good groomer for this.

"The Bichon cut :-). Very hard to find a good groomer for this. It's not a difficult cut.

poochon - the perfect puppy!

Bichpoo, also called the Poochon or Bichpoo information and pictures. The Bichpoo is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Bichon Frise and the Poodle.

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An Kety Pet Care. The Do's And Don'ts Of Proper Dog Training. If a pet owner understands the way that his or her pet thinks, it may be easier to train the animal.

This ain't the Ritz Hotel, but it'll do! Toda la información, cuidados, alimentación, educación y productos especializados para el bichon maltes.

My little Cruzer always rests his head on the steering wheel.

Bichon Frise ..reminds me of my little girl Lacey by Diane opawz.com  supply pet hair dye,pet hair chalk,pet perfume,pet shampoo,spa....

Five Really Cute, Small, White Dog Breeds