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Original tattoo design I did for friend of mine. Please critique Biomechanical tattoo design

Terminator Body Paint (that Destiny painted on her own actual arm - the arm is real - the 'wiring' is painted on))

did it while watching terminator forgot how good of a movie it is hola Biomechanical body paint

incredible biomechanical tattoo

Inspiring image tattoo, tattoos, Tattoo Designs, tatuaże, tatuaże wzory by tattooamazing - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

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Internal Workings Bio-mechanical tattoo

This tattoo features a unique steam punk style that looks amazingly real. Bio-mechanical tattoos are perfect for anyone who has a passion for mechanics or te

Biomechanical Sleeve

Biomechanical sleeve with blue armor, by EL Tattoo, an artist based in Moscow, Russia.