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Add a mud / boot room porch to side of lounge where side gate is now, or back of garden room/ kitchen extension with back door, to add more practicality to doggy walking, welly storage etc.

Bungalow porch with pergola extension

Need this porch/pergola on the side of our foursquare, extending to front, so that we finally have a front entrance. Bungalow porch with pergola extension

The Bungalow Porch--front of living room..     ..would like this type of porch...  .)

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Small Craftsman Bungalow in Oregon |

A Craftsman Bungalow in Oregon

Bungalow in Beautiful Bluffton South Carolina #Bungalow

Bungalow For Sale in Beautiful Bluffton South Carolina

Joel and Rachel Banta transformed the sad facade of their 1920s house by centering the new door—built by Rachel's carpenter dad-—and reinstating the original dormer. New, Craftsman-style piers replaced old metal railings.

Tattered 1920s Bungalow to Updated Gem

Joel and Rachel Banta's former home on Beirne Avenue in Five Points is featured in the April edition of 'This Old House' magazine. The couple restored the arts and crafts-style bungalow to its r (Porch Step House Plans)

Why cant we build these in Amarillo anymore? Wish that we could add a little more charachter to the homes we build. Call me I'll build you one.

View all Bungalow Style Homes for Sale in Portland. Info on the Bungalow Architecture style, and characteristics that define this unique type of home.

this is our house....exactly how I want our front porch to be built/look like

[CasaGiardino] ♛ This is a little more detailed than the simple one that your neighbors have, but still looks like it's always been there and doesn't catch your eye by having way too much detail to match the rest of the facade.