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Artwork from the Stephen King Art Show

I've always wanted to read this. I can't count how many times I've seen the movie, but never got around to reading the book. that's so unlike me...

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I’ve been listening to the audio version of Stephen King’s Carrie. It’s read by Sissy Spacek, who played Carrie in the 1976 film adaptation. I think the new film version (out late…

King's first novel. I wasn't blown away, but it's well written.

Carrie by Stephen King. My first SK book, bought for me by a friend in 1978 for my birthday, (this copy, still got it!) thirty seven years later, still a massive fan ❤

Sissy Spacek in Carrie

Carrie Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving Director: Brian De Palma Based on Stephen King Novel IMDB: Abused and timid girl discovers she has telekinesis, and gets pushed to the limit on the night of her school's prom

Carrie (1976)  Based on book that ended on Stephen King's trash bin. Thankfully, his wife recovered it. His first book!

We get moved by Brian de Palma’s 1976 classic Carrie! SHOW NOTES Prom Stories – – Carrie discussion (pre-spoilers) – – Carrie discussion (post-spoilers) – – What We’ve Been Up To – – Next Episode’s Movie – – Clip: “Aunt Irma” from “The IT Crowd” Season …

Carrie. Not bad at all, but gosh I wonder how it would be to read this without already knowing the ending.

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Carrie by Stephen King: What it's about: Stephen King's classic horror novel tells the story of Carrie, a shy high school student with telekinetic powers who gets revenge after she's pranked by cruel classmates.

― Stephen King, Carrie

Stephen King is arguably the most prolific author of the last century. He was born in Portland, Maine in the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pills.

Carrie White fan art

THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU! but after watching the version of 1976 couldn't resist drawing.

What Stephen King character are you? / CARRIE They're going to laugh at you"! You're misunderstood, some you feel alone but know that to us you'll always be prom queen.

Which Stephen King Character Are You?